Monday, February 2, 2015

18 Months Old

Logan just turned 18 months. I tried to write about my little Guy these days. He's a full blown toddler now & still as cute as a button. He has grown up & changed so much in such a short time. He went from saying around 5 words to having a pretty good vocabulary right around Christmas. He learns new words everyday! 
Logan says & knows sign language for:
Please, Thank you, More, Milk, I'm sorry, Nene (Dehne), Eat, & Shhh.
He says:
Socks, shoes, diaper, ball, night night, bye, off, hi, mama, dada, dog, blue, yellow, green, car, fish, teetee, poopoo, graham cracker, Ki Ki, Na, Pampa, Pops (says Bop), Granna (says Nehna) Bear Bear (says bubba), RaRa, call, no, yes (& will nod head), go, circle, star, I love you (says wov ooo), drink (says conk), bottle (says baba), uh oh, uh oh Spaghettio (says uh oh doe doe), light, banana (says nana), applesauce (says aaapple), bath, moon, backpack, book, outside (says side), says cheese & smiles when you take his picture, & he will repeat several words that he may not know the meaning of. I'm sure there are more words he says that I'm not thinking about. 
He knows & points to the following body parts:
Hair, head, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, lips, arms, shoulders, belly, neenee, feet, fingers, toes, bobo
Logan knows these animal sounds:
Duck, cow, dog, cat, sheep, monkey

He loves crackers of all types, but his favorite are cinnamon graham crackers. He loves to brush his teeth (by himself). He plays with balls of any kind, likes cars, pushes his lawn mower & shopping cart around the house, loves climbing on everything especially the back side of his highchair, the windowsill, & the kitchen chairs. 
Loves Frozen, The Lego Movie, The Lorax, The Incredibles, Aladdin & Mickey Mouse. 
He gives big open mouthed kisses & blows kisses. Logan loves to read! His favorite books are: Brown Bear Brown Bear, Pajama Time, I Love You Through & Through, Moo Baa La La La, & My Backpack
He loves bathtime. He plays with his wooden shape stackers & shape sorters. He will carry around a Rubik's cube when he sees one. He loves his light up turtle that teaches him colors & shapes. He will dance & spin around when he's excited. He rides his Thomas train but not every day. He drags his ball pit around the house & climbs in it to play. He tries to sing but nothing intelligible yet. He loves to be sung to. He asks to call Ki Ki or Na every single day. He loves the keyboard & banging on things with his drumsticks (or anything that makes a loud sound). He can make a mess in 0.2 seconds. A big mess! He loves to turn lights on & off. He points at airplanes & tries to say airplane. He loves to play outside. He swings, climbs the ladder, & slides down the slide (all with close supervision of course). He loves watching Snoopy do tricks or run around & play with his toys. He calls Snoopy "doggie". He's a mama's boy for sure, but he will go to most people he knows. He gives big hugs & still loves to be rocked & cuddled. He loves to play with hair & it soothes him to have his hands in mama's hair. He goes to bed around 8:30 & sleeps all night until we wake him around 7. He will sleep until 8:30 on weekends. 
Size 5 diapers. 18 month clothes. Size 4 shoes are starting to be tight. He's a shorty but he's got plenty of time to grow :-)

I love my Logan more than I ever dreamed! He is a sweet little boy & will always be my baby.

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